Favourite marketing posts of 2012

Just Say Noel


This is my last post of 2012 before breaking up for Christmas and I thought I’d finish with one of those lazy “Everyone’s out for Christmas, let’s just re-use some old material” posts, summarising my favourite articles that I’ve read this year.

Rather than keeping a methodical record of what these have been this year, I’m actually just going to use the items that exist in my Pocket app, on the iPhone. This great little app lets you store articles that you find for reading later, when offline, though it’s also useful as a way of keeping track of “Things I really want to read, I just don’t have time right now”.

Sadly, I realised that this totals around 30 or 40 items, which reflects poorly on my ability to get round to reading anything. So I’ve tried to group these in some way and just give a brief summary for each, for why I found them so useful. Also items marked *** are my particular favourites. Enjoy!


Marketing Attribution


The Buyer Lifecycle

  • Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: Who Do B2B Buyers Trust? – another big priority for next year is mapping the customer journey/lifecycle and provide appropriate and well-timed content for our customers (aka context marketing). This is a nice practical guide to the sort of content people want at different stages.





Product Marketing and Roles


 Marketing Automation and Lead Qualification

Social Media

  • Social Media Measurement Is Still In Infant Stage of Growth – I’ve struggled to measure the ROI of work in social media (I’ve ended up at “Not everything that counts can be counted” – not very satisfactory) and although this post doesn’t give many answers, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one!
  • Search versus Social – which one wins? I love this infographic on which is better for marketing activity, Search or Social. E.g. what is better for lead gen? Search. For brand awareness? Social. ***

Content Marketing


Practical SEO Tips and Tricks

B2B Marketing

  • Your Business Tech Buyers Are More Social Than Ever | Forrester Blogs – Red Gate are a B2B organisation (well, we sometimes like to say, B2BC – treating business buyers like end consumers), and I thought this was an interesting Forrester post about how you should be using Social Media in the B2B environment – these people are still using Twitter to find information, particularly for the type of buyers Red Gate has




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